What is this place?

IDontButHeDoes.com is a community of Bible-believing followers of Jesus Christ, who have an intense desire to explore scripture, history, societal issues, and the natural world while hopefully gaining wisdom and knowledge as we seek God in all of these things.

This blog is not affiliated with any church or ministry, and has no ulterior motive, other than discovering, discerning, and discussing the Word of the Most High God. We lean on the prodding and understanding that comes from the Holy Spirit, and uphold the original manuscripts of the accepted biblical canon as the infallible, inerrant, perfect Word of God that became flesh and dwelt among us as stated in John 1.

We invite you to join us on our journey, and join in on the conversation! We welcome and invite respectful criticism, debate, and discussion, but will not tolerate abusive non-productive language toward others. Our vision is to facilitate open, honest, and engaging dialog with believers and non-believers alike.

Whether we find the answers we seek or not, we know that in all things we don’t understand – He does!

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  1. I have written on these subjects and recently was in a debate with a noteworthy skeptic, Jason Colavito. My most recent blogs deal with the debate on “Nephilim Theory” vs. “Ancient Aliens” vs. Naturalism. See Doug’s Posts on faith-happens.com for the details. Also, I did a TV show with LA Marzulli on Prophecy in the News, that will be aired later in the month of December. We were addressing the criticism of this theory of biblical interpretation.

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