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The Bronze Serpent

I’ve often wondered, why would God order His people to gaze upon an idol of bronze in order to attain their salvation from death? Surely with the swift and decisive manner in which God dealt with the idolatry of the Israelites He wouldn’t then order Moses to make an idol and have the people look to it for healing – would He? After years of never having a really satisfactory answer for this conundrum, I sort of wrote it off as just “one of those things”. God is God. Far be it from me to question His decisions and methods. And how wrong I turned out to be. The answer was there all along; and once I understood it, it really opened up my eyes to the truth and glory of God’s Word!

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Hebrew Roots Movement: A Spiraling Doctrine of Deception

The most concerning evolution that HRM has experienced, is a bolder and more brazen proclamation that Jesus Christ is not divine, and is not God. This position has been suspected of by HRM watchdogs and skeptics, but has traditionally been carefully avoided and answered in ambiguous ways, as not to indict the HRM respondent. However, lately it seems that it is no longer necessary to be vague when addressing this issue, and HRM purity can be preserved while denying the divinity of Christ.

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Hebrew Roots Movement (HRM) – Spiritual Awakening or Heresy?

Several new (old?) doctrines have begun taking new life among the Christian community, and have caught fire in some circles, being hailed as a modern spiritual awakening of sorts. Among these, is the Hebrew Roots doctrine. As with any doctrine, only holding it against the light of scriptural scrutiny can tell us whether it is sound, or false teaching.